Our Services


We specialize in all types of repairs and restorations of Saxophones, Flutes, Piccolos, Clarinets, Oboes and Bassoons.

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Our philosophy on repair of your instrument does not vary depending on what you play, whether we are working on a vintage SBA Tenor or Powell Flute or a Dupin Oboe the principle is the same. We take extreme pride in our work, focussing on optimum mechanical performance, maintaining authenticity and original character and ultimately freedom of expression on your instrument. We are able to achieve this because we are passionate about woodwinds. Every aspect of performance and response including, smoothness and ease of operation, quietness, reliability and comfort are carefully thought about and executed using high precision, best tools and the best quality supplies available.

We endeavor to make your instrument play and sound better than when it came out to the factory, every time.